C R A S H I N G .

From the group exhibition “A Foreign Affair” 2018, a statement on the relation between identity and otherness. Providing new insights and solutions to accelerate innovation, growth and productivity, making a pronounced example of harmony and diversity.

This work focuses around its dialogue with the sculptures, the drawing and its surroundings. The works are spread unconventionally in the space. The audience is invited to interact with the work, hit the opposing frames against each other causing sound, a continuous echo, a vibration. The aim of this presentation was for the viewer to to break through the rule of ‘no contact’ with the work and observe the different reactions of people, their encounter with them. The moving frames are co-existing with a observational drawing. Depicting a natural element of marble, translating the graphite in the sculpture itself. The silence of the drawing and the sound of the sculptures create a dialogue of their own.

Dimensions : Standing : 3,00 m

Ceiling : 1,80 m

Column : 2,00 m