T H E U L T R A S O U N D P E D E S T A L .

The Ultrasound Pedestal, made in 2016, belongs in a more materialistic research work. I wanted to incorporate the pattern and the shape of my thyroid ultrasounds into the metal itself. By folding the metal sheet and changing its temperature, by warming it. The material accepts this heat with the result to change colours and patterns. Broadly, the pedestal plays an intriguingly ambitious role. As an object it underlines the autonomy of the object displayed by isolating from its surroundings. For me, they also undo this autonomy by virtue of the sculptural interest they excite in their own right. This time the pedestal is the protagonist, the main figure.

Dimensions: 1,00 m x 30cm.

  • Left : Ultrasound scan of thyroid, Silkscreen print on paper

Dimensions : 45,5 cm x 35 cm

  • Middle : Ultrasound scan of thyroid, Laser on wood

Dimensions : 50 cm x 70 cm

  • Right : Ultrasound scan of thyroid, Waxing on textile, dying the fabric

Dimensions : 45,5 cm x 35 cm